ISRP Toronto 2006

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Albers J., Tuinman IT., and van der Gijp, S. Parameter Study for Total Inward Leakage Measurements
Berndtsson, G. Breathing Patterns at Different Work Rates
Bickis, U. Prevention of Airborne Contagion in the Clinical Setting -- Principles and Practices -- an international perspective
Boord, LF. NIOSH Personal Protective Technology Programs
Borst, BA. Respirator Versus Surgical Mask Use in the Health Care Setting
Bourget, S., Ohayon, D., Staffa, A., and Messier, PJ. New Level of Respiratory Protection against Airborne Viruses: Improved Respirator for Emergency Responders and Healthcare Workers
Butler, KM. Modeling the Flow of Gas and Particulates within a Respirator
Chia, SE., Koh, D., Takahashi, K., Li, Y., Imai, T., Li, W., Fones, C., Ng, V., and Lim, MK. Appropriate Use of Respiratory Protective Equipment among Health Care Workers in Singapore, China and Japan Hospitals during the SARS Outbreak
Christiansen AF., Richardson GS., Steenweg L., and Williams GH. The Development of a Methodology to Measure Simulated Workplace Protection for High Performance Military Respirators
Clayton, M. Inward Leakage Testing: the European Vision
——, and Gawn, J. Relative Performance of a Range of Filtering Facepieces and Surgical Masks against Ambient Particles, and Artificial Saliva Aerosol and an Attenuated Strain of Influenza Virus
——, and Rajan, B. The Effect of Facial Hair Growth on the Performance of Loose-fitting Respirators
Colton, CE. Evolution And Relationship Of Inward Leakage Testing To Workplace Testing - Have We Gone Full Circle?
Croll, LM., Smith, S., Harrison, B., Narayan, S., Evans, M., and Reynolds, J. Unexpected Results Obtained during Hydrogen Cyanide and Cyanogen Chloride Testing of Military Carbons
de Jonge M., Steenweg L., Geers L., Albers T. and van der Gijp S. How Well are We Actually Protected with a Gas Mask?
Delaney, LJ. Overview of Avian Influenza
Dickson, E., Harrison, BH., and Smith, SJ. Protecting the First Responder against CBRN Threats
Drews, W. ISO/TC 94/SC 15 – Respiratory Protective Devices — a Progress Report
Easterling, G., and Prince, S. Status of Respiratory Protection Programs in Kentucky Firefighters
Edeh I., Ogbo P., and Ogbo IK. Exposure of health workers to tuberculosis in inadequately funded public hospitals in a sub-urban city of Nigeria
Ekman, LA. Presentation of Test Results: a Demonstration of Interpretive Pitfalls
Gardner, P., Richardson, A., Hofacre, K., and Rengasamy, S. Efficiency of Respirator Filters against a Viral Aerosol
Gaydos, N., and Metzler, RW. Respiratory Protection for Clandestine Methamphetamine Laboratory Seizures
Geers, L., Bilir, Ö., and v d Gijp, S. Flow and Mass Transfer in a Respirator
Grinshpun, SA., and Honda, T. A Novel Strapless Adhesion Face-sealed Mask with Highly Efficient Filter Material
Harrison, B. Past, Present, and Future Use of Fit Tests in Canadian Respirator Certification
——, Bodurtha, P., Dickson, E., Dougherty, L., White, J., Leask, A., and Turcotte, E. Measuring Protection Factors with a CBRN Blast Helmet and Bomb Suit
——, Harrison, C., Liang, S., Smith, S., and Croll, L. Quantitative Fit Testing of Powered Air Purifying Respirators with TSI Portacount Plus Model 8020
Haruta, H. Effectiveness of Filtering Facepiece Respirator with 3-D Facepiece Cushion
Harvey, D., and Boisseau, G. Firefighter Self Contained Breathing Apparatus Air Management
Haupt, N., and Paszkiewicz, P. New aspects in gas filter testing: Are small capacity cartridges still safe at high work rates?
Hobson, ST., Patel, SV., and Misna, TE. Chemicapacitive Sensors for Gas Mask Cartridges
Holmér, I., Kuklane, K., and Gao, C. Breath Air Rates during Treadmill Walking Using Filter Respirators
Hori H., Ishidao T. and Ishimatsu S. Thermal Regeneration Characteristics of Respirator Cartridges for Two-component Organic Vapors
Janssen, B. "Dirt, Bugs and Masks": Airborne Infectious Diseases and Respiratory Protection
Janssen, L. The Role of Airflow Measurements in Setting Respirator Performance Criteria
——, and Bostock, G. Workplace Performance of Electret Filters with and without Exposure to Parrafin Oil
Johnson, AT. Importance of Peak Flow Rates
Johnson, AT., Scott, WH., and Koh, FC. Energy, Oxygen and Air Requirements for Emergency Escape from a High-rise Building
Johnson, AT., and Koh, FC. Visualizing Flow Pathways when Overbreathing a Loose-fitting PAPR
Johnson, EW. Filtration Efficiency of Surgical Masks and N95 Filtering Facepiece Respirators
Johnson, JS. Total Inward Leakage Is Only Part of the Equation in Understanding Respirator Performance
Karwacki, CJ. Toxic Industrial Chemical Filtration
Kim K. and Kim H. 3-Dimensional Shape Analysis of Commercial Half-facepiece Respirators for Koreans: II. Statistical approach
Lantos, G. Protecting Healthcare Workers from Respiratory Infections
Linders, M., Steenweg, L., van Bookhoven, J., and Baak, P. The Risk of Desorption from Activated Carbon Filters
Makowski, K. Standard Filters for Assessment of Repeatability of Test Stands for Testing Penetration of Filtering Materials against Solid and Liquid Aerosols
Matsumura, Y., Suzuki, K., and Ogawa, A. Experience of Quality Surveillance of Filtering Respirators in Japanese Market
Metzler, RW., and Gaydos, N. Respiratory Protection for Avian Flu Situations
Nelson, TJ. Variability of Fit Testing and Its Effect on Total Inward Leakage Testing
——, and Janssen, L. Workplace Protection Factor Study Protocol
Newcomb, WE. Proposed Inward Leakage Testing in NIOSH Certification
Noordally, E. Ambient Temperature Carbon Monoxide Oxidation Catalyst for Use in Respiratory Protection Devices
Paszkiewicz, P. Can Surgical Masks Protect Effectively from Avian Influenza?
Penton, J., and Capon, A. Design and Development of New Advanced US Government Military Masks and Filters
Powe, G. Integrated Respiratory and Skin Protection: an Account of a Series of Practical Tests
Richardson, A., Hofacre, K., Gardner, P., and Rengasamy S. Efficiency of Particulate Respirator Filters under High Flow Conditions
Richardson, GS., Williams, G., Christiansen, A-F. The Development of an Advanced Respirator Test System (ARTS) for the Evaluation of Respirator Performance within the UK Armed Forces
Roberge, R. Powered Air Purifying Respirator Use by First Receivers: Personal Performance Issues
Ronner, L., and Ahllwy, P. Total Inward Leakage Test during Strenuous Exercise
Schwartz, B. The SARS Crisis – What have we learned?
Smith, SJ. Respiratory Protective Equipment Development in the Dominions: History from the McPherson Smoke Hood Onward
Specter, H. Public Use of Respiratory Protection in Nuclear Power Plant Accidents
Wilson, TK. A Quantitative Approach to Understanding Protection Factor
Zhuang, Z., and Viscusi, D. Anthropometrics for Developing Headforms for Testing Respiratory and Eye Protective Devices
Ziegler, MG., and Koeser, H. Metal Oxide Sensors as End-of-service-life Indicator (ESLI): Potential, Implementation and Limitations

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